Citation to Chuck Singer

Citation presented to Sergeant Charles Singer on 12th August 2002.


On Saturday 12th August 1944, you Serg. Charles (Chuck) Singer, R.C.A.F. were a crewmember of Lough Erne based Sunderland Flying Boat no. NJ175 of Canadian 422 Squadron when it crashed on the Caslelard/Corlea moor land in the parish of Kilbarron, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Although seriously injured and without any consideration for your own safety you on hearing a comrade shout for help returned to the wreck. It was burning furiously and the ammunition was exploding in the flames, trapped beneath the tail of the plane was your friend, Serg. George Colbourne, both his legs were broken, you brought him to safety before you collapsed in a state of shock.

            Following considerable research this year into the crash, we the members of The Cashelard Community Association have ascertained that you did not receive any official recognition for this outstanding act of bravery. There is an explanation for this; all such acts of courage must be channelled through the Officer Commanding the unit concerned. As the Skipper – Fl/Lt E.C. Devine died in the crash and your remaining comrades were dispersed to different places there was nobody to report your actions to the authorities.

            We the members of The Cashelard Community Association representing all the people of this district present to you Serg. Charles Singer this Citation in recognition of your courage in 1944.  


This citation was presented to Chuck Singer by Dr. Edward Daly, retired bishop of Derry. Who as young boy was on the scene of the crash in 1944.