Donna’s Poem

I know I never met you, I am very sad to say

But I feel that I know you through Joe

Who spoke so warmly of you, to me the other day!

Joe said you were so beautiful – it came from deep within

It shone through your smiling eyes, to your lips and glowed upon your skin

In your eyes he said, everyone was equal, whether they be rich or poor

It didn’t mater about their colour, creed, or politics

Or what type of clothes they wore

To their stories you would listen. Then tell some of your own

And when the challenge got tough, you laughed out in defiance

Instead of just sitting down to moan

Your thirst for knowledge was endless, you travelled far and wide

But there was always the Irish lass, whose homeland was her pride

Once you started on a project, you ensured you saw it through

It didn’t matter who they were

If they were needed, you hauled them into help out too

Your family and friends were devastated, the day you passed a way

You touched so many people’s lives, in the short time you came to stay.

And like Joe, they will talk of you often, and the joy you gave to all

If what he says is true, you’ll be creating a big STIR right now

up in the Angels Hall.


Patricia Mitton.

30th July 2007.