Non- fatal.




Catalina Z2153      crashed on Lough Erne   on 3rd December 1941

Catalina W8414    crashed at Castle Archdale on 26th May 1942.

Catalina  FP 194    crashed Killadeas on 10th May 1943

Catalina  FP101    hit ground on Lough Erne on 7t August 1943

Catalina   Z2147    crashed Killadeas on 9th January 1944.

Catalina AM266 Damaged at Kiladeas on 3rd march 1944.

Catalina AH541   Sank in Lough Erne 17th April 1944

Catalina JX 576 Wrecked on rock 20th July 1944.

Catalina FP 203  Undershot at Killadeas on 16th August 1944

Catalina  Z2152  crashed Killadeas 20th August 1944.

Catalina AH 536 sank Lough Erne 7th May 1941.




Sunderland NJ 184 Ran aground on Lough Erne 8Th May 1945.

Sunderland W 4001 Hit rock Lough Erne on 4th October 1942.

Sunderland  W 3995 Ran aground on Lough Erne 10th & sank 11th January 1943.

Sunderland  EJ 157  Engine went of fire at Castle Archdale 12th May 1945.

Sunderland  W 4003 damaged in storm at Killadeas on 21st October 1945.

Sunderland  SZ 574 struck  obstruction in Lough Erne and beached on 31st May 1949.