In Memory of the Air Crews

Canadians from a far off land

Extended to us a helping hand

Catalina’s set forth in the dead of night

Valiant men off to the fight.


For freedom and the defence of you and I

True heroes of land sea and sky

Sunderland’s too – along the Donegal Corridor fly

Mighty thunder of the engines, through clouds high.


Called to arms to go and serve

With great courage and great nerve

What must have been a wonderful sight?

In the early mist of morning light.


Ooh what stories you could tell

As you flew into the jaws of hell

For some there will be no return

And those with regret we will mourn.


These men so generous – gave their all

In answer to this nations call

Who are now fleeting spirits passing through

Blessed by deeds they did do.


Crew and comrades in eternal sleep

At rest in Atlantic waters deep

Who now await the trumpets roar

And will reply to the flag once more.


This memorial in your name

Enshrined in our hearts you will remain

So soft rain keeps green the fern

Another day dawns over the Lough of Erne.


Helene Turner.