Irish Merchant ships lost in WW 2

 The Munster    (Captain William James Paisley) mined and sunk in Liverpool Bay 2nd February 1940. No casualties.


The City Of Limerick  (Captain R. Ferguson) sunk by air attack 700 miles off Ushant 15th July 1940. Two died.


The Meath (Captain T. MacFarlane) sunk by gunfire from U-46 in Bay of Biscay 4th September 1940. No casualties.


The Kerry Head ( Captain C. Drummond) bombed and sunk with all hands off Cape 22nd October 1940. 12 died.


The Ardmore (Captain T. Ford) missing on passage Cork to Fishguard 11th November 1940. 24 died.


The Isolda (Captain A. Bestic) bombed and sunk by German aircraft off Wexford coast 19th December 1940. 6 died, 7 wounded. 


The Innisfallen (Captain G. Brth) mined and sunk in River Mersey 21st December 1940. 4 died.


The St. Fintan (Captain N. Hendry) bombed and sunk by German aircraft off Welsh coast 22nd March 1941. 9 died.


The Clonlara (Captain J. Reynolds) torpedoed and sunk whilst in convoy OG71 in Bay of Biscay 22 August 1941. 11 died.


The City of Waterford (CaptainT. Alpin) sunk whist in convoy 0G74 in North Atlantic 19th September 1941. 5 died.


The City of Bremen (Captain G. Bryan) sunk by German aircraft in Bay of Biscay 2ndJune 1942. No casualties.


The Irish Pine (Captain M. O’Neill) torpedoed and sunk in North Atlantic by U-Boat 608 15th November 1942. 33 died.


The Kyleclare (Captain A. Hamilton) torpedoed and sunk in Bay of Biscay by J-45t 23rd February 1943. 18 died.


The Irish Oak (Captain E. Jones) torpedoed and sunk in North Atlantic by U-^07 15thMay 1942. No casualties.


The Cymric (Captain C. Cassidy) missing on passage Ardrossan to Lisburn. 22nd march 1944. 11 died.


Irish Fishing vessels lost in World War 2.


The Lukos  s/trawler missing off Donegal 10th match 1940. 11 died.


The Naomh Garbhan  m/trawler mined and sunk off Waterford coast 2nd March 1945. 3 died.



Names of Seamen lost on Irish ships during the Second World War.


T.E. Aplin,    E.Barry, M.J. Barry, T. Begley, P. Bergin, P. Bent, T. Brady, P.Brannock, H. Brennan,

 J. Brennan, W. Brown, E. Bruland, L. Burke, E. Byrne, R. Byrne.


W. Carr, C. Cashin, C. Cassidy, P. Cleary, W. Connolly, J. Conway, F. Cowzer, R. Crichton, J. Cronin, J. Crosbie, N. Cuddihy, N. Cullen, M. Cusack, T. Cusack, W. Cushby.


J. Dalgarno, T. Daly, W. Davison, D. deBurca, B. Desmond, J. Donagh, W. Nolly, T. Donohoe,  P. Donovan, M. Dooley, (Snr), M. Dooley (Jnr), P. Duffy, P. Dunne, C. Drummond.


P. Fanning, P. Farrelly, J. Fennell, T. Ford, M. Forde, K. Fritzson, G. Furlong, K. Furlong.


D. Geary, E. Greene, J. Griffin, ( Snr), J. Griffin, (Jnr) R. Grimes.


  1. Hamilton, T.Hare, T. Hartneit, J. Hayden, J. Hawkins, W. Henderson, N. Hendry, W. Holland, P. Hopkins, J. Howat.


  1. Johnston, J. Jones.


E. Kavanagh, E. Kearney, J. Kelleher, B. Kiernan.


J. Lambe, J. Lane, J. Larkin, M. Leonard, T. Lynch.


D. mooney, J. Morgan, T. Mulligan, F. Murphy, P. Murphy, J. McCarthy, P. McCarthy, J. Mc Glynn, P. McGuigan, S. McKane, A. McLeod,  N. McMahon, S. McMahon, S. McNally.


G. Naughton, J. Naughton, S.Naylor, G. Nicholl, J. Nolan.


D. O’Beirne, D. O’Brien, G. O’Brien,  R. O’Brien, W. O’Brien, W. O’Brien, M. O’Callaghan, C. O’Connell, J. O’Connell, J. O’Connor,  M. O’Donnell, P. O’Flynn, E. O’Leary, T. O’Leary, M. O’Neill, P. O’Neill, P. O’Neill, W. O’Rourke, P. O’Scanlon, F. O’Shea.


W. Paisley, A. Pill, B. Plunkett, J. Porter, J. Power, J. Power,


M. Raymond, J. Regan, J. Reynolds, J. Rickard, A. Robertson, M. Ryan,  P. Ryan, S. Ryan, T. Ryan


P. Seaver, P. Sheehan, P. Shortt, W. Simms, S. Smith, W. Smyth, J. Spanner, E. Speed, R. Spence, J. Sullivan, J. Sumner.


R. Talbot, J. Thompson, M. Tierney, A. Tobin, J. Tobin, U. Todd, N. Treacey.


H. Ward, J. Wilson, H. Young.


In October 1940 the 1,000 ton Kerry Head passed Castletownbere, travelling light. A bomber swept over the coast, dipped down at the horizon, where the Kerry Hear had gone hull down. Nobody could say for certain that the plane had bombed the ship. The following were the crew of the Kerry Head.

Captain Charles Drummond, First Officer Dick Byrne, Second Officer Stephen MacMahon, Will Davidson, Chief Engineer, Tom Begley, George Naughton, his brother James Naughton,  Patrick O’ Neill, John Tobin, Michael MacMahon, J. Slattery cousin of Stephen MacMahon and James Wilson.