Men Who Died Serving on Lough Erne

Men who died while serving on Lough Erne whose names are not recorded on memorial stones.


Sgt. H. Dunbar, F/O A.E. Whitworth, Sgt. C.H. Slack, Sgt. R.H. Oldfield, A/G. F.R.A. Chalk, Sgt. H.H. Newbury, F/O. Harold Seward – all RAF. P/OC.P. Davidson, RCAF. All killed when Catalina AM 265 -240 Sq. crashed on Aunagh Hill, Glenade, Kinlough,Co. Leitrim on 21st March 1941.


Sgt. Horace Arthur Tann, F.Sgt. Alfred Tizzard, F/Lt. Henry Francis Dempster Breeze, W/O. Clifford Bond, F.Sgt. Leslie Stewart Dilnutt, Sgt. Walter Henry Balch, Sgt. Alexander Vaughan McRae, A/C. Herbert Vernon Norton & A/C. James Frank Woodard.  All RAF. Catalina AH 532 of 210 SQ. failed to return to Lough Erne from an Atlantic patrol on 21st April 1941.


P/O. Anthony George William Debonnaire, F.Sgt. James Soutar Gray, F.Sgt. George Edwin Jones, F.Sgt. Frederick Rees Lewis, Sgt. Stanley Lockett – all RAF. F/O Vladimir Victor Havlicek – RCAF. Killed when Catalina W 8418 -240 Sq. Crashed at Pembroke Dock on 23rd December 1941. (Base Lough Erne)


F/Lt. Harry Goolden, Sgt. Roland Breakspeak, Sgt. Leslie Rowe, Sgt. Alan Picher, Sgt. Sinclair Irvine & Sgt. Eugene Hennoway- All RAF.

P/O. Lyall George Schell, RCAF.  Killed when Catalina Z2148 -240 Sq. crashed at Sullom Voe, Shetlands, Scotland on 19th January 1942.

(Base Lough Erne)


S.Ldr. Lawrence George Belcham, P/O Adrian Fennel, F.Sgt. James Edward Bacon, F.Sgt. Sydney Leslie Beamont, F.Sgt. Reginald Clayton Graham, F.Sgt. John Nevil Tew, Sgt. Peter Bray, Sgt. Christopher William Cooke, Sgt. Albert Henry Thomas Davies & Sgt. William Roy Norley. All RAF. Died when Catalina AH 545 -209/210 Squadron failed to return to Lough Erne from an Atlantic Patrol on  15th July 1942.

This was the Catalina that had spotted the German battleship – Bismarck on 26th May 1941.


Sgt. K.N. Tullock, (Pilot)  Sgt. L.W. Bridger – both RAF. Killed when Catalina FP 184 – 131 O.T.U. Killadeas crashed on Kilwhannel Hill near Ballantrae, Scotland on 30th December 1942. (Base Lough Erne)


LAC. Shaw Stanley, R.A.F. Killed when Catalina FB 110 crashed at Innismackill Island, Lough Erne on 24th May 1943.


Sgt. G.W.Farler, Sgt. R.J. Howell, Sgt. E.E. Matty, (DFM). Sgt. R.E. Newman, Sgt. R.O.S. Selwyn, F.Sgt. D.S. Somers, Sgt. L.M. Trimmer & Sgt. A. Whitwam. All RAF. Died when Catalina FP 114 – 202 Sq. went missing on ferry flight from Castle Archdale to Gibraltar on 3rd August 1943.


P/O. Roy William Ellis & F/O Anthony Alan Williams R.A.F.

Catalina FP101 crashed at Duross Point , Lough Erne on 7th August 1943.


F/O. Kenneth Hipwell, Sgt. Harold Edwin Scarman, Sgt. Peter Phillip Bacon, Sgt. Cyril Barraclough, Sgt. James Male, Sgt. Charles Edward Poots, Sgt. Albert Upton – All RAF.  F.Lt. Edward Earle Muffitt – RCAF & F/O. Douglas Haig Disney – RCAF. Killed by own depth charges, which caused Catalina FP 120 of 131 O.T.U. to crash into the Atlantic off the Donegal coast while on a training exercise on 2nd November 1943


F/O. Francis Peter Graves, Sgt. Robert Anderson, Sgt. Edwin Alfred Dennis Barnes, Sgt. Earl Darragh  Morrison, Sgt. Alexander Fordyce Sutherland, Sgt. Allan Douglas Warder, Sgt. John Glynne Williams – all RAF.

Sgt. Owen Douglas Hodgkison & Sgt. John George Ley both RAAF. Died when Catalina FP 240 0f 131 O.T.U. crashed at sea on 22nd November 1943.

(Lough Erne based)


F/Sgt.  Bernard Edward Smith, Sgt. Robert Hugh Davis Watson, Sgt. Stanley Oswald Hill, Sgt. Ivor George Howells, all R.A.F.  F/Sgt. Alfred Frank Sherry, R.A.A.F.

Missing – Sgt. Harry Bagley & Sgt. Edward LeRoy Gros. Both RAF.

When Catalina FP 193 crashed near Boa Island on 9th January 1944.


F/L. Donald George Dewar, F/O. Vivian Basil Charlton & F/Sgt. Arthur Marshall, all R.A.F. Killed when Catalina AH 541 crashed at Montgomery Rock, Lough Erne on 17th April 1944.


F.Lt.A.B. Langton, F.Sgt. P.L. Lowe, F.Sgt. E. Williams, W.O. R.R. Perkins, Sgt. G.A. Cuthbert, Sgt. J.M. Wetherspoon, Sgt. R.F. Damant, Sgt. H.G. Aldrich, & Sgt. A.R. Lewis. All RAF. Killed when Catalina JX 208 of 202 Sq. crashed near Castlegregory, Tralee, Co. Kerry on 19th December 1944.

(Lough Erne based)


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   *          *            *            *         *           *             *             *               *                 *                    *


P.O. Wilfred S. Emmet, Eric Marker, Sydney J. Epps, Maurice W.G. Fox, Eric W. Jackson, Arthur E. Bennett, Arthur Doncaster, Frederick W. Lee & Andrew P. Walker. Died when Sunderland W3988 – 201 Sq. crashed at Doonbeg, Co. Clare on 3rd December 1941. (Lough Erne based)


F.Lt. D.J. Fletcher, P.O. Sgt. G.F.H. Booth, P.O. W.W. Ince, Nav., LAC J.B. Hides, Fl. Mechanic/Engineer . ACM – R. Cunningham-Armourer, Cpl. J.H. Martin – Fitter, A.C. K.W. Bennett- Instrument Repairer, Sgt. H.S. Lodge – W.O./A.G., Sgt. A. Penny-W.O./A.G. & F. Sgt. H.F. Mitchell – A.G. All RAF. LAC. J.W. Douglas – RCAF.  Killed when Lough Erne based Sunderland W3998 – 201 Sq. crashed on take off at Mount Batten on 22nd December 1941.


F.Lt. Smith, P.O. Bartlett, P.O. Smith, F.O. Kitchen, F.Sgt. Mason, F.Sgt. Clare, Sgt. Smith,Sgt. Rolfe, Sgt. Jones, Seg. Nutt, Sgt. Jacobson & ACM. Hopkinson – all RAf Killed when Sunderland W3977 crashed in Donegal Bay inward bound to Lough Erne on 5th February 1942.


F.Lt. James Robert Traill, F.Lt. Walter Harry Wakefield, P.O. John Allen, F.Sgt. James Andrew Collins, F.Sgt. Maurice John Tomley, Sgt. William Bluck, Sgt. John Robert Goodings, Sgt. Harry Scarce, Sgt. Norman Williams – all RAF. Sgt. Clifford Gurnet Fort & Sgt. Vivian Lewis both RAAF. All killed when Sunderland  W4025 – 201 Sq.  was shot down by ‘Friendly convoy fire’. On 31st July 1942. (Lough Erne based)


F.Lt. Wilfred Leonard Cox, P.O. Arthur Alfred Webster, P.O. Robert William Wilkins, F.Sgt. Harold Abbott, F. Sgt. Leonard Battersby, Sgt. Arthur Corfield Somerset Clive –Davies, Sgt. Frank Henry William Gurnett, Sgt. Donald Kenyon, Sgt. William Jack Mansbridge, Sgt. George Falconer Muir & Sgt. Philip Ralph Field. All RAF and killed when Sunderland W4000 – 201 Sq. was blown up by its own depth charge after ditching beside Convoy WS21 on 1St August 1942. (Lough Erne based)


F/O. E.F. Paige, (DFC), F/O. J.W. Clarke, Sgt. W.G. Hopps, Sgt. R.B. Bryers &  W/O. W.R. Thompson all RCAF. Sgt. D.A. O’Dowd, Sgt. D.H. Richardson, Sgt. R. Sherwood, Sgt. J. Rowe, Sgt. J. Hird & Sgt. D. Purvis. All RAF. Died when Sunderland DD846 crashed of Clare Island, Co. Mayo on 25th May 1943.

(Lough Erne based)


P/O. James Leslie Hodgens & Sgt. Thomas Galbraith, RAF.

Died when Sunderland DD857 crashed in Lough Erne on 30th June 1943.


F/O Harry Bertram Parliament & W/O John Stanley Kelly. RCAF

Sgt. Herbert Gossop, F/Sgt. James Brown Horsburg & Sgt. Frank Hadscroft – RAF. Died when Sunderland DD859 – 423 Sq. Was shot down by U-Boat U 489 on 4th August 1943.  (Lough Erne  based).


F/O Guy Nelson Wilkinson, F/Lt. Charles Seymour Grossey, F/Lt. Arthur Charles Griffin, F/Sgt. Norman Baron Pickford, F/Sgt. Joseph William Burton, F/Sgt. John Robert Coster, F/Sgt. Walter Noel Pitts, Sgt. George  Frederick Walter Tilt. All RAF. Died when Sunderland DD848 201 Sq. Crashed on Mount Brandon Head, Co. Kerry, Ireland on 22nd August 1943.

(Lough Erne based)


F/L. Woodwark & F/Sgt. L.T. Needham, RAF

F/O Chesley B. Steeves & F/L. Paul T. Sargent. RCAF. Killed when Sunderland JM 712 – 422 Sq. was damaged by U-Boat  U- 470 on 17th October 1943. (Lough Erne Based)


W/O William D. Scott, W/O Charles McDowell Hardcastle, F/O. Rowland W.Hill, F/O Walter G. Arnold, P/O. Gordon I. Raymond. RCAF. Killed when Sunderland DP 181 -423 Sq. Bow split open on landing on Lough Erne 11th November 1943


F/Lt. A.F. Brazenor, F.Sgt. S.G. Brockway, F/Sgt. R.J. Money, Sgt. H.W. Fell, Sgt. H.E.E. Attwood, Sgt. M.F. Flynn, Sgt. D. Bigmore, Sgt. L. Morgan, F. Sgt. R.W. Stiff. All RAF.

P/O R.H. Wilson & F/O H.B. Pharis. RCAF.  Sunderland DD863 – 423 Sq. Lost at sea near the coast of Donegal on 13th  November 1943. (Lough Erne based)


F/Sgt. Bruce Goulden Burton, F/Sgt. Robert Aird Park, Sgt. Norman Percival Cook, Sgt. Ronald Montague Fisher, Sgt. Noel Neil Lewis, Sgt. Walter McKay – all RAF. 

F/O Charles Gordon Gorrie, F/O. Wilfred Sydney Johnston, F/O Robert Harry Strauss, F/O. Jan David Butler Ulrichsen & F/Sgt. Norman Barrett. All RCAF. Killed when Sunderland W6031 was sunk by U-648 on 20th November 1943.

(Lough Erne based)



LAC Edward Lowson, F/Sgt. David Cowan Douglas, F/Sgt. Donald Thomas Broomhead, Sgt. George Wilkinson, S/Ldr Philip Michael Hermann Thomas, Sgt. Christopher George Edward Wellington, Sgt. Randell Hunter. All RAF.

 F/O Herbert Douglas Blair, RCAF, F/O Frank Moss RAAF. Killed when

 Sunderland W6013 – 423 Sq. crashed on Knockalyd Mountain, Co.

Antrim on 5th December 1943. (Lough Erne Based)


Sgt.P.D. Andew, Sgt. D.J.Harvey, F/O G.B.Gingell & F/Sgt. L.W. Guggiari

all RAF.

F/L. Edgar W. Beattie, W/O James C. Burke, W/O Keith M.G. Fleming, F/O.

Thomas E. Friar, F/O. George E. Holley, P/O. John H. Hamilton, Sgt. John C.

 Seeley & P/O. Claude Senton all RCAF. Died when Sunderland DV990

422Sq. was shot down by U-boat U-921 on 24th May 1944. ( Lough Erne




Sqn.Ldr. W.D.B. Ruth,(Pilot/Captain was deputising for Les Baverstock who was on  leave due to his fathers death) F/O. C.J. Griffith,(Pilot)  F/Sgt. J.C.L. Humphrey- F/Eng. , F/Sgt. J.W. Hobson – F/Eng., F/O. P.A.C. Hunt-Nav., F.Sgt. D.J.M. Currie-W.O./A.G., Sgt. D.E. South- W.O. /A.G., F/Sgt. D. Sharland-W.O. Mechanic – A.G., F/O. A.V. Philp, W.O., F.Sgt. F. Foster- A.G., & Sgt. J.R. French –A.G.   Died when Sunderland ML 760 -201 Sq. was shot down by a U-boat off the Bay of Biscay on 12th June 1944. (ML 760 and its crew had been based at Castle Archdale before being transferred to Pembroke Dock)


F/O. Frederick W. Greenwood, F/O. Edwin E. McCann, (Captain), F/L. George F. Cornwell- (body recovered and buried at sea), F/O. Herbert S. Seibold, W/O. Joseph A.D. Dore, all RCAF.

Serg. Lawrence Quinn, F/O. Liddle, Sgt. Anderson, Sgt. Canton all RAF. All killed .

W/O R.H. Voyce survived. Sunderland ML 823 – 423 Sq. Crashed at sea N/W Bloody Foreland, Donegal due to engine failure on 6th September 1944.

(Lough Erne based)


F/Lt.James George Robinson, F.Sgt. Frederick Nicholas George Ford, F/O. Edward Norman Cave, F.Sgt. Norman Davison, F.Sgt. Stanley Bernard Frith, F.Lt. Denis Ralph Hatton, F.Lt. Vivian Howkins, F. Sgt. George Reginald Kennedy, Sgt. James McAvoy, F.Sgt. David John Thomas Twist- all RAF.

F/Lt. John Percival Garrard – RAAF & P/O. Robert Douglas Albert Becker-RCAF. Killed when Sunderland ML 743 – 461/201 Sq. struck mountain near Killbegs, Co.Donegal on 14th March 1945. (Lough Erne based)


Lac. Francis Hart, Cpl. Frank Stafford, AC1 Walter James Lanham, AC2 John Smith Falconer Thompson, AC1 Robert McAndrew, AC1 David Pullar, AC2 Owen Edwards, LAC William John Thomas, Cpl. John M. Butchart & AC2 William Arthur Barton all RAF of 201 Sq. died when Pinace boat  capsized on Lough Erne. 14th  October 1942.  201 Squadron.


*          *           *           *           *            *               *            *             *             *                 *




                                   or Buried in Irvinestown – 1941-1945.


 F/Lt. James Constabaris – RCAF.  P/O. K.B. Dyer & Sgt. D.E. Engemoen

  Both RAF. Killed when Lockheed Hudson FH 223 crashed into sea off     Sligo on 23rd May 1942.


P/O McMillan killed when Martinet HP731  of 131 Sq. crashed at Scotstown, Co. Monaghan on 28th November 1943.


Lt. Richard Fox, Lt. William Wallace, Sgt. Adam Latecki all of USAAF killed when Boeing Flying Fortress crashed on Tuskmore Mountain, Grange, Co. Sligo on 9th December 1943.


F/L. John Carr-RCAF & Sgt. A.J. McKaine – RAF Killed when Halifax #120 of 298 Sq. ditched into sea in Donegal Bay off Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo on 9th February 1945.


Sgt. Francis Agustine Weaver, RNZAF, aged 27. A crew member of a Ventura 11 AE 917, Ferry Command which went down off the Irish coast after  sending an S.O.S. on 28th August 1942. His body was washed ashore at Clooney, Donegal. The body of F.O. McCubbon was also recovered and buried in Ireland.


W.O. Harry Joshua Leeper – RCAF – died from Angina aboard a Sunderland while on patrol on 23rd October 1944. (Lough Ene based)


Many aircraft being ferried from America/Canada to Britain where lost without trace in the Atlantic Ocean, as were planes based in Britain and Northern Ireland that failed to return from Missions, their crews have no known graves.


                     Deaths at Lough Erne bases not caused by aircraft crashes.


Sgt. William Thomas Gale, RAF. Died as a result of injuries received when struck by rotating propeller of a Catalina on 21st August 1942.


W.O. E.L. Darrell, RNZAF. Drowned at Roc Bay, Lough Erne on 21 September 1944.


LAC H. Ward – RAF. Died as a result of a road traffic accident on 17th August 1943


F.O. Joseph Martin O’Leary – RCAF – died from Natural causes in the County Hospital, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh on 22nd January 1945.


LAC. J.K. Burrnett – RAF- drowned while swimming in Lough Erne on 31st July 1945.


An airman of the Second World War “Known only to God” buried in Irvinestown on 9th December 1943.


An airman of 1939 – 1945 War – An Officer of the RAF “Known only to God”, buried in Irvinestown on 28th August 1946.


W/O A.L. Card, Pilot. Martinet, HP133 – 131 sq. Crashed, Crannagh, Omagh. 15th March 1943.

Buried in St. Canice, C.O.I. Eglinton, Derry.

A total of 143 Lough Erne based airmen were lost at sea. 165 airmen who served on Lough Erne do not have memorial stones erected in their memory.  All who died while serving on Lough Erne are remembered on the Roll of Honour.

Compiled on 31 October 2008.


 We shall remember them, those who flew beyond the storm, into the sunset or sunrise and never returned. They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them; nor the years condemn them. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them.



     Memorials erected for  following crashes. Crew lists in ‘Roll of Honour’.


  7th May 1941  Catalina AH536   crashed Gay Island, Lough Erne.


 30th December 1942  Catalina FP239 crashed Reagan Hill, Omagh. Tyrone


 16th October 1943   Catalina  AH551  crashed Ballinamallard, Fermanagh.


 20th November 1944   Catalina JX 242 crashed Lough an Labin, Churchill. Fermanagh.


26th November 1944   Catalina JX252 crashed at Ely Lodge, Fermanagh.


18th November 1943  Sunderland W4036 Crashed Maghoo, Lough Erne.


31st January  1944   Sunderland DW110 crashed Blue Stack Mountain. Donegal.


19th November 1944 Sunderland W6028 Crashed Trory Cross, Enniskillen


12th August 1944  Sunderland NJ 175 Crashed, Cashelard, Co. Donegal.


11th February 1945  Sunderland NJ 187 Crashed Knocknagor, Irvinestown, Fermanagh.


7th November 1943  Halifax EB 134 crashed Tuam, Co. Galway.


9th December 1943 Boeing Flying Fortress crashed at The Graan, Enniskillen. Fermanagh.


23rd January 1944 Halifax 714 crashed at Bundoran, Co. Donegal.


18th June 1944  Liberator  crashed at Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal.





Canadians from a far off land

Extended to us a helping hand

Catalina’s set forth in the dead of night

Valiant men off to the fight.


For freedom and the defence of you and I

True heroes of land sea and sky

Sunderland’s too – along the Donegal Corridor fly

Mighty thunder of the engines, through clouds high.


Called to arms to go and serve

With great courage and great nerve

What must have been a wonderful sight?

In the early mist of morning light.


Ooh what stories you could tell

As you flew into the jaws of hell

For some there will be no return

And those with regret we will mourn.


These men so generous – gave their all

In answer to this nations call

Who are now fleeting spirits passing through

Blessed by deeds they did do.


Crew and comrades in eternal sleep

At rest in Lough Ernes waters deep

Who now await the trumpets roar

And will reply to the flag once more.


This memorial in your name

Enshrined in our hearts you will remain

So soft rain keeps green the fern

Another day dawns over the Lough of Erne.


Helene Turner.