The Shiel Hospital W W 2



During the years of World War 2 – 1939 to 1945.

Several aircraft crashed in this district. A number of crewmen died and many more suffered serious injuries.


The injured were treated with care and affection by the medical and nursing staff of


The Sheil Hospital


The dead were with respect and dignity prepared for their return to their homelands.


Surgeon Patrick Daly, the Matron and nurses of the Sisters of Mercy, were assisted by local doctors, lay nursing staff and members of the Red Cross both here and at the scenes of the crash. There they carried out their duties under most dangerous conditions with burning wreckage and exploding ammunition without any consideration for their own safety.


On 19th June 1944 an American Liberator B24J crashed at Abbeylands. Cpl. Cannon and Sgt. Maesta, two of the crew died here as a result of their injuries. The eight survivors received all necessary medical attention.


On 12thAugust 1944 Sunderland NJ175 crashed at Cashelard/Corlea. Three crewmembers died at the scene. The pilot, Fl.Lt. E.C. Devine, F/O. R.T. Wilkinson and Fl. Sgt. Jack Forrest. Nine survived – several of the injured suffered severe burns and broken bones. Following treatment here the nine survived. They were all Canadians of 422 Squadron, Castle Archdale.


On 10th August 2002, one survivor of the Sunderland crash – Serg. Chuck Singer, on his first visit back to Ireland since that fateful day called to the Sheil Hospital to meet the staff and thank them for the treatment that he got here in 1944. He had no doubt but that they saved his life.


Plaque donated by the Ballyshannon History Group 18th June 2005.