Tredennick’s – Camlin Castle

Camlin, Co. Donegal the seat of the Tredennick’s is the property of the Rev. George Nesbitt Haydon Tredennick, M.A. Vicar of Sparkbrook, Birmingham and is situated in the parish of Kilbarron. It is bounded in the north by the River Erne and is noted for its salmon and trout fishing. The front portion of the mansion was built about 1840 but the back is of considerable age. The Tredennick’s were originally owners of considerable property near Bodmin in Cornwall which was confiscated during the Commonwealth and soon afterwards the family settled in Ireland. In 1793 a Galbraith Tredennick married the heiress of George Nesbitt of Woodhill. Two of their sons, the Rev. George Nesbitt and William Richard married daughters of the Right Rev. Dr. William Magee Archbishop of Dublin. The elder of the two inherited the Wood Hill estate in 1848 on the death of J.E. Nesbitt and was succeeded by his 3rd son Major General James Richard Knox Tredennick who sold Wood Hill in 1908 under the Irish Land Purchase Act of 1903 The property at present belongs to the representatives of the late Colonel John Galbraith Tredennick who died in 1884.

   Wood hill the seat of major General James Richard Knox Tredennick, J.P. stands on a demesne about 100 acres in extent, near the town of Ardara in the Barony of Banagh, Co. Donegal. The mansion, one of the oldest in the county of Donegal was the seat of the Nesbitt family for many generations. The Tredennick family one of Cornish extraction from St. Brock near Bodmin who lost their estates through their adherence to the cause of Charles 1st was established in Ireland in the reign of William 111. Galbraith Tredennick of Camlin, Co. Donegal, born 1757 married Anne, daughter of George Nesbitt of Wood Hill Co. Donegal. The Rev. George Nesbitt Tredennick their 2nd son, Vicar of Kilbarron, Diocese of Raphoe succeeded to the Wood Hill estate on the death of J.E. Nesbitt in 1840 and was succeeded in 1880 by his third son, Major General James Richard Knox Tredennick, who rebuilt the house in 1886. It was sold in the year 1908 to the congested District Board along with the estate under the Irish Land Purchase Act of 1903.

Ardara is a town prettily situated at the head of Loughros More bay on the western coast of Donegal where excellent salmon fishing may be had in the ajoining Rivers of Owenlockic and Owenea. The scenery in the neighbourhood is extensively attractive to tourists.


The Rev. George Nesbitt Haydon Tredennick, M.A. Camlin, Co. Donegal. Christ Church Vicarage, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, eldest son of the late Lieutenant Colonel John Galbraith of Camlin and grandson of the late Rev. George Nesbitt Tredenick.M.A. of Wood Hill, Co. Donegal and Rector of Killbarron. Born at Guilford, Surrey in 1860, educated at Windermere College and Trinity College, CambridgeB.A. , 1883 ordained Deacon 1884, and Priest 1885 by the Bishop of Chichester, curate of Emmanuel Church, Hastings, 1884-89. Vicar of Christ Church, Sparkbrook since 1889. Married November 19th 1889 Olive Jane eldest daughter of the Ven. Robert Phair, Archdeacon of Ruperts Land, North-West America and has issue John Nesbitt born September 23rd 1892 and George Hugh Percival Phair, born June 30th 1899.


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