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Catalina’s & Sunderland’s on Lough Erne in World War Two

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We Remember Them

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In the rising of the sun and its going down… We Remember them. In the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter…   We Remember them. In the opening of the buds and in the warmth of summer… We Remember them.   In the rustling of leaves and the beauty of autumn… We […]

U.S. / R.C.A.F

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Special mention must be made of the 7,000 Americans who served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, who will be known as our  “American Patriots – Canadian Warriors”. They flew and fought with their Canadian comrades in the R.C.A.F. with over 700 killed – in – action. After much research Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) has […]

Obituary – Sergeant George Smith

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Sergeant George Smith. Ex- Royal Air Force.                                                      Ground Engineer.                       Maison La Corderie Residential Home, St. Helier, Jersey Island.                                                              When invited by Matron Liz Booth to compile this obituary on my good friend George Smith, I felt both humbled and honoured. Liz assured me that I was quite competent to carry out the […]

Sunderland NJ175

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Sunderland NJ175 of Canadian Squadron 422, Coastal Command based at Castle Archdale, Lough Erne, Co. Fermanagh, N. Ireland too off from Lough Erne at 11 am on Saturday morning of 12th August 1944 to go on convoy patrol over the Atlantic Ocean.   The crew were F/L Evan Campbell Devine, Pilot. – F/O Martin Alexander […]

In Memory of the Air Crews

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Canadians from a far off land Extended to us a helping hand Catalina’s set forth in the dead of night Valiant men off to the fight.   For freedom and the defence of you and I True heroes of land sea and sky Sunderland’s too – along the Donegal Corridor fly Mighty thunder of the […]


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Non- fatal.                                                                CATALINA’S   Catalina Z2153      crashed on Lough Erne   on 3rd December 1941 Catalina W8414    crashed at Castle Archdale on 26th May 1942. Catalina  FP 194    crashed Killadeas on 10th May 1943 Catalina  FP101    hit ground on Lough Erne on 7t August 1943 Catalina   Z2147    crashed Killadeas on 9th January 1944. Catalina […]

Aiken’s Ships

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At the start of World War 2 the Irish Free State had very few ships. It must be understood that the country was then very young as a free nation in its own right. It was slowly recovering from the struggle for Independence from England and the disaster of a Civil War. As a country […]

Men Who Died Serving on Lough Erne

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Men who died while serving on Lough Erne whose names are not recorded on memorial stones.                                                   1 Sgt. H. Dunbar, F/O A.E. Whitworth, Sgt. C.H. Slack, Sgt. R.H. Oldfield, A/G. F.R.A. Chalk, Sgt. H.H. Newbury, F/O. Harold Seward – all RAF. P/OC.P. Davidson, RCAF. All killed when Catalina AM 265 -240 Sq. crashed on […]

Citation to Chuck Singer

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Citation presented to Sergeant Charles Singer on 12th August 2002.   On Saturday 12th August 1944, you Serg. Charles (Chuck) Singer, R.C.A.F. were a crewmember of Lough Erne based Sunderland Flying Boat no. NJ175 of Canadian 422 Squadron when it crashed on the Caslelard/Corlea moor land in the parish of Kilbarron, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, Ireland. […]