U.S. / R.C.A.F

Special mention must be made of the 7,000 Americans who served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, who will be known as our  “American Patriots – Canadian Warriors”. They flew and fought with their Canadian comrades in the R.C.A.F. with over 700 killed – in – action. After much research Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) has found all their names and home towns of those Americans who paid the ultimate price for freedom. All 48 States of the United States of America are represented on this R.C.A.F. ‘Roll of Honour’, with at least one son killed – in – action from every state.


         The majority of these 700+ are not listed on their State Memorials. During this project we will give special tribute to these unknown Americans and heroes who flew and died for Canada in the R.C.A.F.


          It is the least we can do for our best friends and neighbours.


          Extract from “SHORT BURSTS” Canadian Air Force news letter.